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Single and Three Phase Static Inverters

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Solidstate Controls, Inc. (SCI) has designed manufactured and maintained hundreds of safety related, (1E) and non-safety related, yet essential, inverters in Nuclear Generating Facilities around the world. Designing and manufacturing solutions for Nuclear Plants has been a major focus of SCI for over 35 years.

Solidstate’s Safety Class Inverters are true on-line ferroresonant transformer-based designs intended for use in UPS systems or in stand-alone applications. The inverter's basic function is to covert DC power from a rectifier/charger or battery to an extremely accurate regulated AC output for powering safety and non-safety loads.

Designed and engineered around your specific facility requirements to meet all the mild environment, seismic, and physical needs demanded by today’s standards.


  • High reliability, Ferroresonant Design
  • Field proven, Fail-Safe Static Switch
  • 40 year Qualified Design Life Available
  • Seismic Grade cabinets and packaging to meet most seismic levels
  • Qualfied to your facility requirements
  • Integral and Stand Alone patented Zero-Break Static Switch
  • Integral or stand alone, make-before-break, manually operated maintenance Bypass Switch
  • True KVA/KW rating 20KVA/20KW
  • Available with Rectifier & Bypass Options


Ametek Solidstate Controls
The Columbus Ohio and Rosario, Argentina facilities are ISO 9001 Certified
World Headquarters:
875 Dearborn Drive,
Columbus, Ohio 43085
Phone: 1-614-846-7500
Fax: 1-614-885-3990
Asia Pacific Headquarters
AMETEK Singapore Office
Solidstate Controls
43 Changi South Ave 2 #04-01
Singapore 486164
Phone: 65-6484-2388 Fax: 65-6481-6588
Latin American/
South American Headquarters:

Olive 1954 2000 Rosario, Argentina
Phone: +54-341-455-3332
Fax: +54-341-454-0142
Mexico Office:
Calle Lago Meru
No.32, 3rd Floor
Mexico City, Mexico 11520 D.F.
Phone: +52-555-250-1232
Fax: +52-555-250-7981

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